Question by  brennaecho (27)

What's a good lamp to put on a TV?

I need a lamp there, but I don't want it to ruin my TV picture.


Answer by  bean11 (2803)

Try a desk lamp with a moveable head, so that you can position the beam of light away from your TV screen; this way, no damage will occur.


Answer by  Zanzubar (27)

A good choice in lamps for any T.V. is a simple, smaller LED light lamp. They are lightweight, very bright, and don't cause any static.


Answer by  Amy5280 (42)

You need to make sure the lamp doesn't give off heat, and that the wires aren't touching. Putting lamp directly on top of a television is dangerous and could cause a fire. I recommend you buy a entertainment center to put the tv on or in. Then you can use any standard table lamp.


Answer by  matthewmch (138)

It depends what the problem is. If your worried about flare I'm sure some adjusting of your furniture will suit both wants.

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