Question by  lkennington (9)

Are blue heeler dog's good for a family with small children?


Answer by  angelsdozens (218)

Blue Heelers are fabulous dogs if you have the room and the patience for them. Being medium sized dogs they can easily harm a small child by just being playful and affectionate. Very loving, loyal, and energetic they need lots of attention and exercise or they could become destructive. They can be wonderful family pets though.


Answer by  Lorena (16)

The blue heeler is not a good choice for a family with small children as it may attempt to herd the children like cattle and even nip them.


Answer by  k0nok0 (224)

They are good with children as long as they have had obedience training and see that the children are on a higher authority level then them. Treating your dog like a child will only tell the dog it can fight for dominance with the children, remember never to leave children unsupervised with a dog unless they are 8 years +.

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