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Question by  rayven8099 (199)

Would a thyroid condition cause me to keep losing my voice?


Answer by  sapphire51 (1048)

Normally it should not cause you to lose your voice, but if there are other conditions associated with it that you might not be aware of, then it is possible that you could suffer voice loss on an on and off basis. See what your doctor has to say about it.


Answer by  Advisor (1032)

It is very unlikely that a thyroid condition would cause you to lose your voice. Thyroid imbalance can cause loss or growth of hair, skin conditions and deepening of the voice. Damage to the vocal chords, or a cyst on the chords would cause repeated loss of voice, especially after yelling, laughing or whispering.


Answer by  Enigma19 (13)

The thyroid gland is located below the voice box, it is responsible for your body's metabolic system. A thyroid nodule which is a lump or swelling and can be cancerous or benign can affect your voice. The symptoms differ from person to person which usually involves hoarseness of the voice. You should see a doctor to be sure.


Answer by  Sudar (134)

Yes, for some people thyroid glands do affect the voice. But it can be overcome by proper and continued medication. Keep praticing to overcome this problem.

posted by Anonymous
Actually you are wrong! I was a professional singer and developed a thyroid condition. Throughout the year that they medicated me, my throat would close off and I would start coughing for no reason. Gradually, even on the medication, my voice deepened. 20 yrs later, I still cannot sing!  add a comment
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