Question by  worker15 (12)

Will smoking a cigar once a week hurt you?

My wife and I are having a big argument over this.


Answer by  fiddlefaddle (883)

There is no problem with enjoying a cigar every once in awhile. Just remember that you're not supposed to inhale cigars and don't let it become an everyday habit.


Answer by  Janet73 (78)

On an absolute scale, yes, it'll hurt you--smoking is drawing hot gases into your lungs, and that's not good for you. On a relative scale, it's probably not a huge deal. You have to decide if the pleasure you get from smoking a cigar once a week is worth the price you're paying in domestic tranquility.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

I do not think that you smoking a cigar once a week will hurt you with all of the polution in the air and all the second hand smoke.


Answer by  smith52 (24)

It will definately affect your health negatively to some degree, but not in the same way that smoking everyday would. Maybe your wife doesn't like the way it smells or the location you are smoking for all the second-hand smoke.


Answer by  John (9008)

Any exposure to tobacco smoke, regardless of the source, is harmful. Cigars contain many more toxic substances that cigarettes do, so smoking one cigar is like smoking several cigarettes. Keep in mind that many people get cancer or other illnesses from secondhand smoke, when they do not smoke at all. Any smoking, even of cigars, is dangerous.


Answer by  buggy418 (632)

Any type of smoking is bad for you,but if all you are smoking is one cigar a week, that isn't bad at all. She should let you enjoy this small vice. Life is too short not to indulge a little. Enjoy!!

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