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Question by  jphottie (1)

Will chocolate brown sofas go with sage green walls and oak floors and trim?


Answer by  user71 (796)

A brown sofa should go beautifully with green walls and oak floors provided it isn't too dark. If it ism lighten it up with more colorful throw pillows.


Answer by  tface1000 (147)

Yes! You could tie it all together with some accents and accessories that are a mix of light and dark browns and greens. Print fabric pillows in those tones would be great too.


Answer by  str8upcutie83 (471)

yes, brown and green has been a popular color combination this year. If you want to bring the room together even more you can purchase or make pillows with the complimentary shades of greens. You can even incorporate a colored throw. Be careful when decorating because you don't want to make everything to "matchy"


Answer by  jamie1 (291)

Yes! That combination sounds beautiful. Chocolate brown colors go with sage green colors very well, they compliment each other and can give the room a rustic earthy warm feeling. I think the oak floors go well too.


Answer by  decor (23)

Yes, the combination sounds great. Accent the sofa with bright, colorful pillows with sage green in them or a sage green quilt/blanket.

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