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Question by  clyn (51)

Why would a tree be losing its bark?


Answer by  xtremetree (306)

Some trees will shed and regrow new bark as they grow. If the tree is in good health it will shed little bark. Poor health will also cause this.


Answer by  dhp (129)

Some trees simply do this seasonally or as part of their normal life cycle, and as long as the exposed part of the tree looks healthy and undamaged, don't worry.


Answer by  Dhivyacomcubegmailcom (86)

Sunscald is a form of injury to the trunk of many landscape trees. As the sun shines on the tree trunk, cells within the tree break dormancy and become active. When the sun sets, the active cells are killed. This injury may appear as sunken and discolored bark. By spring, the bark may crack and fall off.

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