Question by  allymcbeal (29)

Why won't my boyfriend come to visit me at college?


Answer by  sharon52 (195)

Maybe he doesn't feel comfortable being at your college -- like if he didn't get to go to college or as nice a college himself. He may feel like he won't fit in. Maybe he doesn't have the money but doesn't want to tell you that.


Answer by  tangman (26)

It could be that he can't afford the cost of traveling to the location of the college you are currently attending. He also may have obligations to work or family


Answer by  Tate20 (15)

Your boyfriend is just not that into you. Any many that cares deeply for a woman will do whatever it takes to see her. It is likely that he is spending his time with someone else instead of you.


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

One reason could be that he is uncomfortable in a college environment. He could feel insecure around college students or he could be uncomfortable in new situations. The worst reason would be that he does not like you anymore.

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