Question by  ruralguy (20)

Why is there a black square on my tv screen?


Answer by  Josephh (47)

One cause can be a part of the TV burned if it's a plasma TV, if it's a LCD TV it can be a lot of dead pixels in your screen, anyway if it's a LCD TV you could try connecting it to a PC and run programs made for TV dead pixel recovery.


Answer by  finette (157)

It sounds like you may have an LCD TV, and it has some "stuck pixels. " It may be repairable--search online for "pixels" and "pressure method" or "tapping method. "


Answer by  trodgers (20)

If a feature called picture in a picture(PIP) is set up incorrectly,it would cause a black square to appear instead of the picture of an alternate channel.


Answer by  sairamesh100yahoocoin (223)

May be some magnetic things near your tv, bring the magnetic item to set any other place from tv. else the picture lot like LOT problem, change your lot.


Answer by  Anonymous

I had the same problem and I just went into the closed caption section of the menu and turned it off. That took care of it. Try that before you do anything else.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well, it sounds like there is a manufacturing defect. That actually happened on my screen as well. Contact customer service and make use of the warranty.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

This could possibly be a few different things. It could be a damaged area of the screen. More than likely if it is a perfect square then it is probably a window for your picture and picture feature. Check your setting to see if it is turned on.


Answer by  Heloise (397)

It sounds like your TV has a broken pixel. This can't usually be fixed. If the TV is still in warranty, send it back and get a new one.


Answer by  JenniferLB (103)

You could have accidentally turned on the closed captioning box at the bottom, or your screen could be going out.


Answer by  TOEKNEEJEE (310)

if you turn on the TV that is where the color will come on. it is what makes up the tv screen. are you really serious about this question?? be a little more detailed, black square where, how big, etc. if you mean black square sticker, it may be a energy requirement sticker; be more specific.

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