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Question by  antifish03 (23)

Why is my van making a high pitch noise?


Answer by  harper2583 (466)

your van could be making a high noise because your surpiten belt could be old or getting ready to break.


Answer by  sathya (237)

The high pitch noise in you van could be because of a squeal in the belt. You need to check the condition of your belt. Check if the belt is not glazed or look for the cracks, if that is the case you need a new belt. Replace the belt will solve the problem.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Typically a high pitch noise is related to either a drive belt issue or a leak. Check you belt to make they are in good shape and properly tightened. Then go over the engine checking for any vacuum or exhaust leaks.


Answer by  geethapriya (239)

May be your the valve of the van be getting loose or your are put proper oil in the proper time. Otherwise your van engine piston may lost the proper lubrication. You must do proper and periodic service with your approved dealer of that company don't service your van in the other service centre.


Answer by  arthy (99)

Your van is making a high pitch noise because of many problems the most one is that the engine problem else it may have the steering problem or your van is not in a good condition.

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