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Question by  oliver766 (20)

Why is my rabbit's stomach gurgling?


Answer by  starrgazerlily (119)

Rabbits have very sensitive stomachs. It's possible for your rabbit has gas. Treatment for gas is plently of water and over the counter infant antigas medicine. Half the regular dose every 4 hours should do the trick. Also rabbits cannot digest hairballs, which could be the cause. Make sure your rabbit has plenty of hay. Timothy Hay is best.


Answer by  Grevlar (24)

You rabbits stomach is gurgling because it has gas. Sometimes you can even hear it across the room. This is a sign of stomach problems and should be treated.


Answer by  rka285 (45)

The reason why your rabbit stomach is gurgling because it contains some gas and these is a sign of a stomach problem.Try to give your pet some plenty of water and provide some infant anti-gas medicine.Make sure that your rabbit always have a hay.If symptoms still occur,try to bring your pet into a veterinarian.

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