Question by  UOGuy (66)

Why is my puppy having a hard time going poop?

He has been having this problem for several days.


Answer by  patti (29325)

If your pup has not been wormed, it is likely that parasites are the cause of his bowel problems. If your dog is eating and drinking regularly, and he is not having bowel movements at all, he should be seen immediately by a veterinarian. He may have swallowed something that has caused a blockage.


Answer by  Maggz (29)

It could be one or more of several reasons. Its got a blockage, it may have chewed something and that is causing an obstruction. It needs more moisture in its food, if its being fed dry food then try soaking the food first. It has worms. Make sure you worm regularly.


Answer by  kbo (401)

It is probably the dog's diet. You need to talk to you veterinarian about this to see what dietary chages need to be made.


Answer by  star79 (83)

There are a lot of reasons your dog could be stopped-up. Usually dogs eat grass when their tummy is upset. This is a good indication of whether your dog is actually sick or just being stubburn.


Answer by  k9 (46)

Try changing his diet. A hard poop is often caused by improper nutrition. Try giving him less bones and doggy biscuits. Avoid giving him the food that remains of your meals. Also avoid giving him rice or pasta. Buy good quality dog food for puppies. For a better diet add some yogurt of soft cheese.


Answer by  Dreamlight (856)

When animals have that problem it is usually a lackof fiber. Try giving him some fiber medicine or some sugarless cereal. Paper works too, but they usually won't eat it.

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