Question by  Prem22 (63)

Why is my Passat engine not starting but the battery works fine?

I tested the battery and it is fine.


Answer by  leebaker11111 (46)

Your problem may be that you need a new spark plug. Your engine needs this to start the car. Check the spark plug for corrosion.


Answer by  twitchard (143)

Fuel and Fire. Two things needed to make a motor run. Check to see if you are receiving fuel by cracking open the lines on fuel rail to injectors; if you have fuel good, if not problem. Check to see if proper fire being generated from the coil/ packs. If no fire there lays problem. Check your starter as well.


Answer by  hibpmgirl (2166)

If its not turning over at all its probably youru starter. Other issues could be spark plugs. your battery cables not being put on correctly or your timing belt could be out. all of these things can cause your engine to not start but its difficult to tell what it is exaclty without a description of waht it does


Answer by  Anonymous

if it's cranking and not starting, could be an oil sludge issue in the cold. 1.8t?


Answer by  94maro (20)

Could be a bad starter. Get your starter tested. Try replacing the spark plugs and wires on your car too.


Answer by  Rogue (121)

If the battery is fine then the next step would be to check your starter. If you turn the key in the ignition and you can here a click sound then it's definitely the starter. Starters can be serviced easily, quickly and relatively cheap.


Answer by  greggula (112)

Your battery is good and your car won't start, here are some things to check first. Are the battery cable terminals tight and clean for electrical contact? If they are, then it might be the starter motor, starter solenoid, or fusible link. If you have a manual transmission try push starting it to rule out serious problems like frozen engine.


Answer by  joeskool (21)

Your starter or starter solenoid is usually a good place to start. You can test the starter by attaching a cable to the positive terminal of the battery and starter. You can also bring the starter into an autozone and have it bench tested for free. Other problems may include an alternator, ignition switch, or a disabling security system.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

You probably have a problem in your ignition system. Run a check on all the components and make sure the ignition fuse isn't blown. Also check to make sure there isn't an immobilizer keeping it from starting.


Answer by  rookie105 (823)

is the engine cranking? if so you need to see if your getting fuel up to the injectors, if the fuel is getting to the injectors are they getting the pulse to fire them? you may wanna seek professional help


Answer by  Chris22 (95)

There are two parts to a starter, either of those could cause an engine not to start. Plugs or plug wires may be bad, distributor may be bad, or crank position sensor may be faulty. Fuel pump could be bad. Engines need air, spark, and fuel. Check for all three.

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