Question by  earlgrey (45)

Why is my keyboard stuck in capital letters?


Answer by  Peter1563 (265)

If everything you type is in capital letters, there are two things you'll want to check. First, check to see if your caps lock is on - there should be a light that's turned on if it is. Also, check to see if either shift button isn't pressed down because of gunk or buildup in the keyboard itself.


Answer by  LKHomemailgmailcom (60)

The keyboard may be stuck in capital letters when the caps lock is on,the caps lock button my be found on the left side of keyboard by shift key.


Answer by  Anonymous

I inadvertently pressed both the shift key and control key at the same time. The caps lock key was not on. I intentionally repressed these two keys and small letters returned.

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This answer help me a lot, thanks  add a comment
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Everyone else was telling me to buy a new keyboard and this was the problem. thanks for sharing your error and helping me correct mine.  add a comment

Answer by  davidsmith4deltaedu (338)

You have caps lock on. Most keyboards have a light in the upper right hand of the keyboard. The caps lock button is left to the "A".


Answer by  fishlover49 (643)

The most probable cause is that you have inadvertantly hit the caps lock key. Just press it again and the problem will be solved. If the caps lock is off try to restart your computer as turning electronics off and back on usually resets it. If the problem persists take the keyboard to a repair shop


Answer by  Anonymous

i had that proble two i hit my shift key two manny times and it just stayed capitalized just press a different shift key since there are two well thats what happened to me hope it helps you.


Answer by  Anonymous

If you press the shift key five times you get "sticky keys" which stops the control alt delete also, do this and it will tell you what to do!

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