Question by  spat440 (9)

Why is my hot water heater beeping?


Answer by  knowitall90 (40)

A water heater shutoff will sound a beep when water is leaking from the heater. This flood prevention device will shut the water off and keep your floors dry.


Answer by  maggie860 (46)

Could be that the temperature is becoming too hot and its overheating and the beeping is a sensor to let you know to turn down the temperature. If you have gas hot water, maybe it is indicating a gas leak. Or maybe the tank is just not running at all.


Answer by  nathan63 (20)

My hot water heater is beeping because there is a leak in the outer shell. The beeping is a warning.


Answer by  Lakshmi65 (715)

MY HOT WATER HEATER IS BEEPING and gives an alarm so that we can off the heater. Even when we set the timer it is possible to get an intimation and we can switch off the heater in time.


Answer by  japratt (1687)

You probably have a problem somewhere within the heater. Something could possibly be overheating and your product could stop working.


Answer by  Anonymous

I am 12 and my floodgate monitor is beeping and I am afraid that if the device is to malfunction hot water might get all in the hall resulting in a scalding hazard

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