Question by  mattv1 (38)

Why is my girlfriend cheating on me?

Why do people have to be so dishonest?


Answer by  JayR (13)

The most common reason why girlfriends cheat is because of disappointments with their partners. Disappointment may come from lots of things - habits, eating, sex, attitude, etc. - which differs from one girl to another. So unless a guys is being sensitive enough to know what satisfies his girlfriend, the possibility of a cheating girlfriend is imminent.


Answer by  giselleflores (112)

Some people have the need to feel powerful but others just don't have the courage to explain to you what they're feeling or they just care about you too much to hurt you. People are just horrible people.


Answer by  CEEFORINA (784)

Put this situation behind you and move on as soon as you feel able. Dont let this make you bitter - there are plenty of honest people out there.


Answer by  malou21 (134)

Maybe there something wrong with you. She's not happy to be with you. She need space. Or maybe your not the right guy for her. You don't give any attention. There's many reason. Why don't you ask her.

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