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Question by  kdavid (9)

Why is my dog throwing up water?


Answer by  mrsb (76)

The only time that my dog has thrown up water it was because she drank too much, too quickly after running around or playing a lot. Usually if we make her lay down and take a break before giving her water or make her stop playing to drink more frequently it keeps her from throwing up.


Answer by  MissMessy (34)

Dogs are gluttonous, taking pleasure in sneaking forbidden treats. Ripping open a biscuit bag or devouring the Thanksgiving turkey pales when compared with holy grail of doggie culinary no-nos--drinking from the toilet. (trumped only by snacking out of the litter box). When presented with an opportunity, they will overindulge in drinking the holy toilet water until they puke.


Answer by  isabellagallo (117)

This is a common issue with dogs and usually happens before schedlued meals or early in the day. all this means is that the dog's stomach is empty and having the dog eat should solve the issue. Changing the frequency that the dog eats will help as well as possibly changing the food.


Answer by  Anna27 (62)

Your dog is throwing up water because that is the only substance in its stomach. If there were food in your dog's stomach, then it would be throwing up food. If your dog continues to throw up, or stops eating, take your dog to the vet and have him checked out by a doctor.


Answer by  Anonymous

I am having the problem with my dog as well. She has the runs and threw up water 3 timesI calmed her and she seams fine now. I found out it could vary well be thesoft food I gave her for a treat I would watch her and be sure.

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