Question by  KathyM (20)

Why is my chihuahua snorting?


Answer by  kelsgram (115)

It is a normal thing for your chihuahua to be snorting. They snort because there noses are button shaped and they don't have the nasal passages like other dogs do.

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Answer by  Brodello (68)

Snorting is an attribute most short muzzled dogs have. Pugs, boxers and bulldogs are all known for snorting due to their short nasal canals. If this is not the case, check your chihuahua's nostrils. Always make sure your dog does not have a foreign object, such as a blade of fox-tail grass in his nostrils.


Answer by  Tim55 (618)

Snorting is common in small or even large animals, dogs specifically. When animals get excited, it sometimes can be hard for them to control their breathing. Small animals have trouble controlling their breathing in such occasions. If you feel concerned call the vet and get him/her checked out there should be no health concern.


Answer by  wwgt (7)

He thinks he is a giant bull, and may be ready to attack, try waving a little red towel in front of him, and see what his reaction to that is

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Answer by  Anonymous

It could be trachea collapse if it is what is referred to as reverse sneezing do not ignore symptom if it is out of the norm and/or occured suddenly

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