Question by  Sandhya (4)

Why is it called a cord of wood?


Answer by  KymBerly (447)

The name "cord" probably comes from the use of a cord or string to measure it. 128cf pile is 4 feet wide × 4 feet high × 8 feet long.


Answer by  rightlight (1053)

Wood is measured in "cords" because of the way it was measured in olden times. Since wood is sold by the amount of space it takes up (a cord 128 cubic-feet of wood) it had to be measured in those terms. In colonial times, people would keep a string, or cord, handy to measure how much wood they were getting.


Answer by  Anonymous

a cord is usually stacked in three parts one of which being called a face cord is it a stretch to connect that with three notes in a musical chord and a face cord just means the front most stack of a cord

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