Question by  nellyT (2)

Why does the Bio Gel on my nails peel off?


Answer by  sitone9599yahoocom (106)

Water and acetone based nail polish removercan cause Bio Gel to disinigrate. Also your nail beds may be naturally oily or if they were not treated correctly.


Answer by  SouthernBelle (66)

If you use the Bio Gel with plastic tips then it will peel off cuz the glue tends to degrade in water. If you do have plastic tips maybe try using plastic gloves when you are washing dishes or doing any housecleaning tasks. That should do the trick for you!


Answer by  maria8245 (167)

The peeling off of your gel nails can be caused by one of two things. Your nailbeds may be naturally oily, or you nailbeds were not treated properly before application.


Answer by  Annika5 (171)

According to the manufacturer of Bio Gel there are several things that could cause this: using an acetone based polish remover, chlorine water, gel was applied too thin, the nails weren't buffed. They recommend that if it is a constant problem that you maybe have silk added to strength.


Answer by  holdengal (693)

From what I've read about Bio Gel, this product is intended for skin. Your skin has pores that absorbe the gel whereas your nails don't. Also, some people tend to have oily cuticles. That causes topical treatments to peel off nails. That is also the reason that some people can't keep nail polish on their nails.

Reply by Olddad (94):
Lots of manicurists use bio gel because it is a lot healthier than other methods. The product is used for both skin and nails. Usually buffing takes care of the oil problem but most times it has to do with getting the wrong chemicals on the nail which wrecks it.  add a comment
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