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Question by  missy36 (48)

Why does my shitzu have a rash on her belly that looks like dirt?


Answer by  Kimi (432)

If what you are seeing are brown or black spots or patches, this is probably not a rash. Even light colored dogs normally have pigment spots on their skin, similar to freckles on humans, and these develop as the dog ages. However, if the area is irritated, you should take your dog to the vet.


Answer by  keiki (1376)

Usually rashes that look like dirt are from fleas. This is commonly called "flea dirt" and is the waste from fleas that are most likely still on your dog unless you have recently treated her for fleas. You should treat her for fleas with a product like Frontline then give her a bath to remove the flea dirt.


Answer by  rathalosslayer (221)

There could be many reasons for this. One reason is your shitzu could be chewing on her belly due to fleas irritating the area. This can be possible even if you put flea treatment on the dog. Some dogs are very allergic to fleas, even one flea can cause them to suffer greatly. Another reason could be allergies.


Answer by  Thebe (36)

Parasites, allergies and skin infections are many of the conditions that causes the dog to have dirt like spots on their belly.

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