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Question by  kismet029 (38)

Why does my puppy have white gums and white tongue?


Answer by  Vanessa (387)

There are many different possibilities. If the puppy has already been wormed, then your puppy may be dehydrated or suffering from anemia. Anemia in puppies can be caused by flea bites. You want to get your puppy to a vet right away to discover the root of the problem and possibly receive fluids.


Answer by  sara28 (68)

Your puppy is probably severely dehydrated and should see a vet as soon as possible. Puppies need to eat more often than adult dogs, so that may also contribute.


Answer by  Gavy (111)

Your puppy is very sick. There are numerous conditions that can cause white gums in dogs, particularly puppies, and they all require immediate medical attention. Take your pup to a vet right now!


Answer by  dtb (257)

It could be a lack of oxygen in his system. Check his activity level, stool and food consumption. if anything is out of the ordinary, I suggest taking your dog to the vet right away to see what's up.


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

You need to take your dog to the vet now! White gums are a sign of blood loss and your dog could be bleeding to death internally.


Answer by  PaintedRoadkill (504)

It sounds like they are anemic or dehydrated. This could be caused by fleas, ticks, or internal parasites. If you know your puppy is getting enough to eat then you should take it to a vet asap.


Answer by  Shelby (147)

Your dog could have a circulatory problem. If not that, then it could be an infection that the mother dog gave to the puppy while inside the womb.

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