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Question by  Jackie34 (16)

Why does my ear wax smell?

What causes the smell?


Answer by  nanook (605)

There are two possible answers to why your ear wax smells. One possibility is that you have an ear infection. However, if you know this is not true, than it smells simply because you sweat in your ears and sweat smells.

posted by Anonymous
I put ear drops in my ears to make the wax softer it worked but then my ears started to feel stuffy and i found it harder to hear. the ear wax that comes out know smells bad but before it didn't. do i have ear infection?  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

maybe you heard a bad word . . . . .


Answer by  Vanasatchy (816)

Ones ear wax smells because the bateria has got into it. Nothing to worry. You better consult an ENT and he will give a medicine which should be mixed with water and poured into ones ear. there will be a bubbling sound and one wont have smell hence forth.

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