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Question by  Abs (26)

Why does my dog's poop look like gel?


Answer by  mb (5482)

If you dog is having gel or very soft stools something is seriously wrong. You should obtain a sample and have the veternarian's lab analyze it. Most likely your dog has a bacteria infection of the large bowel that is causing these symptoms. This is the equivalent of diarrhea in dogs.


Answer by  shotgun7 (69)

Probably something he ate. You might try changing dog food. Also, check around outside and make sure he is not eating or chewing on something dead or rotten. Also as long as there is no blood and he is not sick, should clear up. if not see a vet about it.


Answer by  Lturk (93)

When a dog's poop is not of the "normal" consistency (firm, formed, etc.), it usually means that they are having an imbalance in their intestines of some sort. Has there been a change in diet? The dog may also have an intestinal parasite that a vet should look at.


Answer by  Rincewind (239)

It can be large number of reasons - bad diet, worms, disease... Don't wait and go as quick as you can to the vet if it's been like that for few days.


Answer by  doglover55 (126)

This is not a good thing but may clear up on its own. Many times if we change our dogs foods it will upset their stomachs for a while. If this is the case try mixing the old food with the new food and slowly change the ratio until you have all new food.


Answer by  Anonymous

yeah my dog had the same symptoms, i think its from the rawhide bones cuz once i took them away his poop is normal


Answer by  gbella (216)

This is a symptom of something being inflamed or upset in your dogs GI system. He should be seen by the vet to make sure there is nothing seriously wrong.


Answer by  siji (62)

No need to wait so long to take the dog to a vet. It could from eating rawhide chew. Sometimes it may not depend on dog's diet as well as how often the dog eats a day.

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