Question by  daddy31 (304)

Why does a dog suddenly start pooping in house?

He is 5 years old.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

A sudden and drastic change in behavior, especially for the bad, is usually in indication that there is something wrong with your dog. Things that could modify his behavior is sudden decrease in attention or illness of some sort. It also could be that you're just not taking him outside enough.


Answer by  chels (177)

Accidents just happen. Either your not letting them stay out long enough to do their business or he just likes pooping in the house. When the dog tries to do that again, yell at them and hurry up and take the dog outside and wait until he is done doing its business.


Answer by  CarrotTail (89)

Sometimes pooping in the house can be caused by stress. Has anything changed recently in your neighborhood? Construction, loud noises, longer periods of time alone, etc?


Answer by  Bob53 (414)

When a dog that has been previously house trained suddenly stops being housetrained -- the causes could be a couple things. He might be regressing from a stressful change or he might not be feeling well.


Answer by  LadyBug4 (168)

Many reasons, is he getting outside enough? Household changes that are disrupting him? Is he able to properly control himself? I'd get a checkup to be sure he's healthy.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

It could be from a number of things it could be something as simple as you're schedule has changed and the dog is having seperation anxiety from you and the dog is doing it to get even with you fro leaving it. It could also be that the dog has something wrong internally.

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