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Question by  krnboichi (14)

Why do toenails come off?


Answer by  GayathriDevi (4)

The toenails came off because of 3 reasons. 1. The color of the nails turns to yellow, brown or white 2. The nails become thick and over grown 3. It is Crumble and fall off. Whatever the cause of your nail loss, a replacement will grow back within few months.


Answer by  daceywatts (73)

Toenails fall off due to two reasons, fungus and injury. Many fungus feed off keratin, which is the protein that makes up the toenail. With injury, subungual hematoma may be the cause of the nail falling off.


Answer by  Hapster (24)

The most common reason is toenail fungus. This can be caused by trauma to the nail, poor hygiene of the foot, low immunity or a pH imbalance.


Answer by  fly52 (13)

Fungi and injury are two main reasons why a toenail would come off. Fungi can grow under the toenail causing the toenail to fall off. An injury would cause bleeding forcing the toenail to fall off, unless the blood is drained. In both cases, the nail will regrow over time.


Answer by  Anonymous

the most common reason might be a loss of calcium or protein in your body or fungul infection due to lack of cleanliness of your toes.

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Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

The most common cause is bacteria or fungus that can be easily dealt with by a consult with your doctor. Or the toe getting smashed/crushed.

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