Question by  delta55 (36)

Why do the smoke detectors in my home keep going off?


Answer by  MsMadison (86)

Check the battery because it might be low in energy. Recharge or purchase new batteries. If this does not work, your smoke detector may be defective. Contact your local fire department for a replacement.


Answer by  Redline (38)

Smoke detectors can misfire for a number of reasons, from cooking smoke, to basic dust. As a smoke detector ages, depending on the type the sensor, it becomes very sensitive, both to dust, and their battery power level. If it keeps happening, after it's been vacuumed, consider replacing it.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

First I would check the battery and replace if necessary. One other reason it might go off, is it is to near to the kitchen or bathroom. Smoke dectors are sensitive and the slightest smell or moisture will set it off.


Answer by  pedro (142)

There are a couple of possibilities. If it is a short chirping sound, that means the batteries are likely low. Another possibility is that you have a smoke/carbon monixide monitor and it is picking up carbon mononxide.


Answer by  P32nicky (73)

The batteries are most likely low. Take them off the ceilding and replace the battery. If that doesn't work try replacing the detector. You can buy new ones at Wal Mark for a couple of dollars.

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