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Question by  craft (52)

Why do parakeets lay eggs without a male?


Answer by  kdm2010 (27)

Parakeets lay eggs much like humans produce children. The male bird is only needed for reproduction and not actual birth or delivery. Only female parakeets are able to lay eggs.


Answer by  rwhytock (106)

Female birds, including parakeets, often lay eggs without the presence of a male because they are hand reared and may be brought into breeding condition through interaction with their owner. Non hand-reared birds may also lay eggs on occasion because the female comes into breeding condition with the hope that she may find a mate.


Answer by  mb (5482)

Parakeets do this because an egg is just that an egg. Women still ovulate even in non male enviroments. Its a biological function that cannot be turned off. Just throw the eggs away. They'll never hatch.

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