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Question by  tormentink (14)

Why do nails grow down?


Answer by  lyle (106)

when nails grow it is at the base of the nail where the keratinized nail is generated and pushed outward. when this happens the top of the nail will often grow at a faster rate then the part of the nail that touches the toe. this is because the top would naturally incur more damage.


Answer by  pradhaprajgmailcom (1518)

Nails are only the dead cells ejected out by our body. When they grow long,they come out of our body frame. The gravitational force of the earth pulls any object down as we all know well. So the same force works for the over growth of our nails and pulls them down. Naturally the nails bend towards the gound.


Answer by  sc773 (79)

If it has always been the case, then it is genetic - as the nail will follow the shape of the nail bed, and when it passes your finger, it's on its route. However, if this is a sudden change then you should look into that with your doctor (if you desire) to find the cause.


Answer by  kthangavel (25)

The nails growing thats all it does not growing down because the nail are coming out from the finger and it grows. it growing from the finger not in the as upward or downward. so the nails can grow inany direction. if our finger is in downward direction the nails are facing downwards that it.

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