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Question by  Lee36 (12)

Why do I have sore swollen nipples?

Is this a sign of pregnncy?


Answer by  worker1884 (44)

Sore, swollen nipples can indeed be a sign of pregnancy. Although, it can also be a caused due to breastfeeding (infant not latching on correctly), hormone changes (PMS, premenopause, menopause), water retention, stress, injury, imbalance of fat levels, medication and more. It would be best to consult your doctor to be tested for pregnancy, or any other cause.


Answer by  dedre (998)

This can be from taking in too much caffeine overtime, it could also be a sign of pregnancy. It could be due to pre-menstration. These changes can also occur due to hormone imbalances within the body. If the swelling and tenderness persists, it is a good idea to see a doctor.


Answer by  worker3078 (64)

Yes this can be a sign of pregnancy it can also be caused by any other change in hormones such as puberty, menstrual cycle, birth control or menopause. Another possible cause is rough treatment of the nipples such as pinching or suckling on the area too often or too hard.


Answer by  rjs108 (310)

Sore swollen nipples can come about for several different reasons. One of the typical reasons is pregnancy, but there can be other reasons. These symptoms typically are a tell-tale sign of a hormonal change.


Answer by  worker6862 (30)

This is a typical sign of pregnancy, though it may also be a symptom of other things. The sypmtoms suggest a hormonal change or physical damage due to suckling.


Answer by  nairjula (559)

Swollen nipples could be associated with pregancy. But is need not be sore. Soreness could be because of a fungal infection. This could be most probably due to candida infection, I suppose.

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