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Question by  vaniprakash (31)

Why do I ball my hand into a fist into my sleep?


Answer by  gbrown546 (24)

Your mind is subconciously under stress and therefore you are taking it out on your fists while you are asleep. You will probably be feeling very anxious and tense and therefore during the night, you're mind is reflecting on this and taking it out on your body like this as a reflex. Try relaxation techniques before bed


Answer by  mano (76)

I do not think this kind of a habit to be any type of disorder. The reason may be due to the thoughts and actions that happens in your dream when you are asleep.


Answer by  thesandman (10)

I ball my hand into a fist when I sleep as I find it comforting. I particularly do this when the headboard has lattice work or bars so that I can ball my hand around them as I fall to sleep.


Answer by  Ravi (50)

It is natural phenomenon to do so, if someone other is not with you in your bed. It shows that everyone need company in the society.

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