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Question by  Winter91 (21)

Why are my teeth brittle and breaking?


Answer by  danduralpeshmavjibhai (14)

calcium and vitamin C is important soources for teeth and bones. when deficiency of calcium and Vitamin C is occured then brittleness of teeth also occred. flurosis is also one of the disaease of the teeth which also cause breaking of the teeth


Answer by  vir (118)

Brittle teeth can be caused by many reasons. They may be root canal treated and not capped which can cause it or they are decayed and chipping off. Also, it can be due to chemical erosion a lot of acidic food or drinks or calcium deficiency or any such underlying medical problem.


Answer by  SunnyStars (836)

Consult your Dentist and your Primary Care Physician. They can help you find the real cause of your brittle teeth and they may be able to tell you why your teeth are breaking. Your teeth may just be weak from poor dental hygiene or you might be eating foods that are too hard for your teeth.


Answer by  silverfinger (25)

I knew someone who had very brittle teeth, and after going to the dentist he was told that the minerals in his water may be effecting his teeth

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