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Question by  Empathy (51)

Why are my lovebirds missing feathers?


Answer by  HMG (139)

They could be molting, due to natural reasons/because of an illness they have contracted. Animals of all kinds are known to pull out their own feathers/fur when bored or dejected.


Answer by  lwat80 (300)

Are your birds on an all-seed diet? This is very bad for birds and will cause their feathers to fall out. Other reasons could include stress, boredom, and disease. Take your birds to an avian vet if changing their diet and buying some toys (or a playmate) does not stop the problem.


Answer by  smellycat22 (1129)

All birds molts their feathers throughout the year so new feather can grow in. However, you should not be able to see bold patches and if the feather does not grow back, you should check with a veterinarian. Parrot are known to plug their feather when they are stressed (from the environment or healthy related)or bored.


Answer by  answergirl93 (66)

There are many possible reasons for this. It could be that your birds have a fungal or bacterial skin infection. Or, the birds might have a virus, such as circovirus.


Answer by  jrod (206)

Stress, disease, poor nutrition, boredom, sexual frustration or hormones, are common for feather loss. Take it to a vet to insure it's not a result of a disease.


Answer by  worker8388 (994)

Basic reasons are stress,Disease,Poor nutrition,Boredom,Sexual frustration,Hormones and not enough baths. Habit is one of the main reason to loss feathers. To avoid stress make them in a peaceful environment. Watch them whether they are sleeping at least 10 hours sleep in night. Feed them with rice,beans and pellets for healthy nutrition.


Answer by  cynstres (82)

Lovebirds molt as do all birds so they may be in their molting season or your lovebirds could be bored and are pulling out feathers to entertain themselves.


Answer by  worker2746 (2434)

Either the are fighting with each other and not the real lovers you thought or they could well be molting which will cause them to shed feathers as well as fighting.


Answer by  Marcy88 (56)

They could be molting, or they could be bored and picking out their feathers, or they could be fighting and losing feathers that way.

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