Question by  mynameisglory (61)

Who added the pre-rapture to the Bible?


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

This was first expressed by Increase and Cotton Mather. It was first articulated in writing by Baptist Morgan Edwards in Philadelphia in 1788. Pre-tribulation rapture was proposed by John Nelson Darby and accepted by the Plymouth Brethren in England in 1827. There are many proposals, acceptances, digressions and sidelines to this theory, entailing a great deal of research.


Answer by  visira779 (269)

It was the disciples that were led by the spirit of God. He breathed into their souls and he spoke the words for them to say. The words that were written in Christ was the very won words of Jesus Himself. It was also David that played a part in the Book Of Revelations too. It was also God too.

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