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Question by  cjlimes (26)

Where is a good place to ask software questions?


Answer by  Gingercakes (920)

Well, I assume you mean where is a good place online to ask software questions. I like the CNET forums. Also, if it is about a specific product, newegg is good. You might try the site that belongs to the software company, they often have forums and are more than helpful in answering user questions.


Answer by  LaneyRae (115)

Any technology-based store is a good bet. Also, ask a coworker or friend who has recently bought some software for their opinions.


Answer by  m3ta4 (774)

The best place to ask questions would be to contact the software company directly, as they would know more than anyone about their own software.


Answer by  turkworker (1007)

It depends on what kind of software you are using. If you are using MAC software, the employees at the Apple store, tend to be very knowledgeable and helpful.


Answer by  Answers (106)

You're already close - the internet is one of the best places to ask. There are many tech support websites out there. These have qualified experts available as well as the community at large that is willing to help. You may also try the website for the specific software you are working with.


Answer by  ramnath (58)

you can ask your software questions to a software experts and you also search some questions about software in google search and yahoo search and just get answer about software.


Answer by  ammnivarghese (262)

Computer Guides are plenty available, or else can approach your masters from your respective Institutions where you have learnt computer course. These days, things are very easy as the technology is developed so much!.

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