Question by  richardb (9)

Where does Dasani water come from?


Answer by  catapult423 (16)

Dasani is the second most popular brand of bottled water. It does not come from a natural mineral water source, it's processed municipal water with added minerals.


Answer by  fuse (105)

They use water from the municipal supplies from different places in the country. After that the water goes through a series of filters.


Answer by  manderso (88)

Dasani water is regular tap water at the factory where it is bottled. The Coca Cola company, which makes it, treats it and removes a number of minerals from it and adds their own blend of minerals. This gives the water a consistent taste no matter what plant it was bottled at.


Answer by  lalallalala (180)

Dasani Water is manufactured by Coca Cola, the water comes from the municipal water supply of the city. The water is then purified and minerals are added.


Answer by  nuttree (1596)

In the United States, most Dasani plants get their water from local municipal systems. The water is filtered by reverse osmosis, and trace minerals are added.


Answer by  Anonymous

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