Question by  Amanda65 (1220)

Where do I start when choosing audio systems?


Answer by  Luku (29)

First you have to choose your price range and then according to this you can find a variety of choices. Many websites have a filter now so you can choose what you want. I would recommend to go for the prestigious companies like Pioneer, Samsung, Sony, Philips, Logitech and Panasonic.


Answer by  EnacheSilviuGeorge (21)

First of all you should think of what application you need the audio system. For listening to your favorite music you can chose from hi-fi systems available in markets but if you do studio work and you are into music production then you need professional solutions. Accuracy matters most here.


Answer by  jerry345 (12)

you should start at your local electronic store. Maybe start off with some amplifiers then some speakers. You can also ask your local store helper to help you choose what type of speakers and amplifiers you should buy and are right for you


Answer by  Bob86 (165)

Your budget is always a good place to start, the size of the room in which you will primarilly use the system, the larger the room the more powerful the system will have to be. It also depends on what type of audio you will generally listen too, this will have a bearing on the required frequency response.

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