Question by  Empress (122)

Where can I rent videos online?


Answer by  GeorgeS58 (121)

Amazon and iTunes offer online video rentals, either streamed directly to your PC or internet connected TV, or downloaded to your media player for $1-$3 each. Netflix also rents videos but through a subscription, they are either streamed or sent via the U.S. mailed for about $8 per month.


Answer by  sc1234 (1319)

There are 4 big players here in the United States and they are: Netflix, Blockbuster, Apple, and Amazon. Try going to their websites to learn more, for Apple you will need to download iTunes.


Answer by  ThorDoomhammer (12)

There are many services that allow you to do this, but some are only available in certain areas. The 2 big online only options are Netflix (US) and Lovefilm (Europe). Blockbuster also provides an online service.


Answer by  GRFiELD (59)

This is possible but is mainly available to US citizens. There is a website called netflix. All you need is US citizenship and to register on the site.

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