Question by  mohammedimran (33)

Where can I find a curly fries machine?

I would like a curly fries machine.


Answer by  sharyl55 (19)

Check on ebay and under 'search', request a curly fries machine or 'cutter'. Years ago they had one manufactured for approximately $20 and does a good job for a small price. It was a white plastic machine with inside blades for use as both curly fries and regular fries, and did a decent job.


Answer by  dovie6 (65)

Go to amazon and search for the presto tater twister. It is fairly priced and from what I hear easy to use. You can even buy them used to keep from paying too much. If you are looking for something cheaper try the rotato. It can also be found on amazon.


Answer by  skathman81 (21)

Target offers a "peel away apple peeler," which can be used to make curly fries. The cost is $27. 99, and it can be purchased online.


Answer by  csj (114)

I've seen them before at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and also Kitchen Collections. Those would be a cheaper, smaller versions. For a high grade curly fry machine, you would need to go to a restaraunt supplier.

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