Question by  nineloc9 (70)

When have the Olympics been in a South American country?


Answer by  jtpaag (473)

Since 1896, the first modern Olympics, no South American country has been the site of either the summer or winter Olympic games. The closest country to South America to have held the games is Mexico, site of the 1968 summer Olympics.


Answer by  raven (241)

There has never been an Olympics in a South American country as of yet. The first South American country to host the event will be Brazil in 2016.


Answer by  Phil97 (569)

The summer olympics have never been in a south American country: the closest city and country were Mexico City, Mexico in 1968. In fact, the only game held south of the equator was Melbourne Australia in 1956. The winter olympics are same except the closest city and country were Salt Lake City, US in 2002


Answer by  John (9008)

The Olympics have never been held in any South American country. Recently, Brazil was awarded a future Olympics, and this will be the first one ever held on that continent.

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