Question by  aurore1337 (29)

What's wrong when the fan on top of the outside air conditioner unit is not running?


Answer by  abdulfathah (79)

The above mentioned problem may be happened due to the following reasons. 1. may be due to the power supply fault (Check the electrical cables). 2. may be due to the faulty capacitor. 3. may be due to burn out motor winding. 4. may be due to the damaged bearing.


Answer by  Brandon55 (1719)

Normally this is an indication that the fan motor is dead or the outside unit is not getting any power. Check your circuit breakers to ensure power is getting to the unit, then replacing the fan is next best option.


Answer by  Xceptional (642)

Either there's a bad connection with the wiring, or you've got an electrical problem. You should check the repair light. AC Units greatly differ by brand. Since there are some many types of brands I would insist that you refer to your particular AC User Manual. They are quite useful.

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