Question by  GreyDwarf (26)

What's with this rap crap?

Rap music is horrible, how can people like it?


Answer by  pryamo (61)

As for myself, I'm a singer and I like diversity in vocal styles. Usually in a song the singer just keeps melody, they rarely keep rhythm; Hip-hop voices HAVE to keep rhythm and when it's really good they also add melody, which makes it richer.


Answer by  Chiyamaka (846)

I'm not sure how people can like it. People have different opinions, though I do find that rap these days has too much profanity in it. People can like it if they want to, especially if they love vulgar. If someone were to rap with less profanity, more may enjoy it.


Answer by  mjray (61)

Rap is poetry, utilizing the natural rhythm of black speech. If you haven't noticed, black people have an almost song-like, distinctive rhythm to the way they speak. It's because African languages are tone languages (Google it I only have 50 words), and rap is a modern manifestation of their roots.


Answer by  jlovesnyc (6)

Rappers typically grow up in ghettos. Young people are attracted to their music because these rappers articulate what is going on in their neighborhoods using inner city language such as ebonics. When young people here someone else singing about what is very similiar to their every day life, they feel a connection with the rapper and his music.


Answer by  conjcm (122)

All music can be summed up as a reflection of one's taste and background. The same argument can be made for any genre of music.


Answer by  Ashley15 (115)

I recently heard some early rap on the radio, it was amazing. It was less about violence and more about partying and having a good time. Today's rap is horrible.


Answer by  celezar (12)

People probably don't even like it. Many people don't think for themself. Media for some reason is pushing rap music. When something has that much presence on tv and radio people usually like it.

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