Question by  sjhomer (30)

What would make a cat act out or misbehave?


Answer by  Meowzer (392)

A cat's behavior can be based on many things some of these are boredom, loneliness, territorial issues and in some cases medical issues. A new cat in the home can cause a cat to act out as can a neighbourhood cat spraying for instance.


Answer by  RVH (19)

Cats may act out or misbehave when they are not getting enough attention from their owners. They may also misbehave or act out if they are spoiled and always given what they want. Some cats are used to getting a lot of attention so they may act out when they are not getting that attention.


Answer by  Suggestion (335)

People can perceive a cat as acting out or misbehaving but for the cat it could be something they are doing instinctively. Our animals usually look for our approval.


Answer by  mclaingreen (27)

A cat would display agitation if aggravated by a relentless child pulling at its tail, petting its fur against its natural course, or simply not leaving it alone. A cat can also be agitated by feeling bullied by other cats that live inside or outside the home, for example, being chased or taunted.

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