Question by  AHHPS3FAilURE (19)

What would cause a rash on your hand?

I haven't changed soaps or lotions.


Answer by  CElena (87)

It might be due to exposure to UV light, if you went to get tanned in a salon, or it could be caused by something you ate and you are allergic to. If the rash goes away after a few days, it means that was what caused it and your system flushed out the allergen.


Answer by  Mable (3008)

Nevertheless it sounds like an allergic reaction or contact dermititis. Is it one hand? What do you do using that hand and not the other? Both hands? Think beyond soaps and lotions. Possibilities: pets, plants, or something job related -- I knew a teacher who got this from blackboard chalk.


Answer by  Kayla13 (42)

It could be as simple as you having brushed up against something, or it could be an allergic reaction localized to that area. Watch to make sure that it does not get any larger and use some cortozone cream to relieve the itch for now.


Answer by  writergalfriday (325)

Rashes can be caused by touching poison ivy or poison oak. They can be caused by outdoor allergies, such as ragweed or pollen, and also indoor allergies to animal dander, dust mites or bed bugs. Heat rash can also form on the hands from excessive sweat during the summer. If you are still unsure of the cause, contact your dermatologist.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

Most hand rashes are caused by contact dermatitis, meaning you have an allergic reaction to something you touched. Rubber gloves or latex gloves are known to make your hands "rashy." If it doesn't soon go away, consult your doctor.

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