Question by  Patricia (18)

What will a large green caterpillar with a red spike tail grow into?


Answer by  catman529 (809)

Most likely your caterpillar is a species of the family Sphingidae, known as the Sphinx moths (also Hawk or Hummingbird moths, caterpillars known as hornworms). Some hornworms have red horns, notably the tobacco hornworm (Manduca sexta) which commonly feeds on tomatoes. It will become a large gray moth.


Answer by  Heloise (397)

There could be several caterpillars meeting this description, but strong possibilities are the Tobacco Hornworm, which will turn into a Sphinx moth, or its close relative the Tomato Hornworm, which turns into a type of Hawk moth. What it was found on or feeding on might help you identify it more conclusively.

Reply by catman529 (809):
Right on, but "sphinx" and "hawk" moths are one and the same thing. They belong to the family Sphingidae, and are most commonly known as sphinx moths but also may be called hawk or hummingbird moths.  add a comment

Answer by  Nother (102)

This is a tobacco hornworm from the manduca sexta species. Manduca is Latin for "glutton". This caterpillar, which after metamorphosis, will become a moth commonly known as the hawkmoth, sphinx moth or hummingbird moth. This moth beats its wings rapidly and is a nectar feeder, which causes it to sometimes be confused with a hummingbird.


Answer by  Rajesh (329)

The catapillar I can't be sure, but if it is not 'furry', but light green in color and over two inches long there is a possibility that it will turn into a lovely Luna Moth. As far as I know, these moths are harmless and you, if you are lucky, you will see a green moth appear.


Answer by  ruthy40t (11)

This is a question that has plagued us since the beginning of time. One would initially think the caterpillar would grow into a butterfly, but has anyone ever seen a butterfly with a tail. Would the tail just fall off, or would the tail turn into something else? The caterpillar would become a beautiful butterfly with a fuzzy red tail.

Reply by catman529 (809):
This is not true. Appendages such as horns on caterpillars do not get transferred to the adult butterfly or moth. They are usually for defense and will disappear after pupation.  add a comment

Answer by  pastyann (2)

Red spiked are Tobacco Hornworm Green(blue) spiked are Tomato Hornworm

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