Question by  coolnoob1 (25)

What will 5 kw run in a house?

5kw doesn't seem like very much, but I wonder what it can do?


Answer by  killallthegrass (40)

you could run a few 60 watt light bulbs for a month. you could run a ceiling fan on low for about a month. A house uses about 9,000 kw a year unfortunatly 5 kw will not run alot, maybe a decent sized space heater but thats about the largest.


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

5 kw will keep a light going and basic non heating electrical equipment such as a television or a computer for a few hours. I do not think you would have enough for an electric oven as this takes a lot more electric. Hair dryers and heated rollers would not be able to be used.


Answer by  LeheckaG (1826)

5,000-watts will run about 20Amps-at-240VAC or 40Amps-at-120VAC (4,800-watts). Most-household-appliances have nameplate-ratings in Amps, Volts, and/or Watts. Depending on the size of your: air-conditioner, heater, oven/range/stove, water-heater, ... it will not run most of those at full-power, you can however select lower/non-full-power settings. 5,000-watts will run most household-lighting and modern-electronics. In comparison, Your whole-household-electric-panel-maximum is about 24,000-watts to 48,000-watts


Answer by  Mollichella (445)

I happen to know for a fact that 5 kw can run a small welder in a house. I know this because I have one adn that is what it runs off of.


Answer by  co981co (182)

5kW or 5000 Watts gives you about 42 amps. You can run many items with 42 amps. A typical kitchen for example runs on one to two 15 amp circuits not including large items like a stove.


Answer by  trouble (66)

It can run a microwave oven, a lamp, a on demand hot water heater. a refigerator,a computor.. not all at once either.

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