Question by  Steve1712 (28)

What were the music trends on the early 90's?


Answer by  theprivileges (79)

The early nineties were dominated by alternative music, a trend initiated by Nirvana's hit album Nevermind. Many similar sounding bands achieved success. Ska, an older genre, got some mainstream success, particularly with "Knock on Wood" by the Might Might Bosstones. Finally, bands such as Squirrel Nut Zippers had a "retro" sound heavily influenced by jazz from the twenties and thirties.


Answer by  SaraR (13)

Music trends of the early 90's were starting to lean towards rap and hip hop. As music was coming out of the 80's, things were starting to change and grunge groups started to become popular. It was trendy to dress sloppy, wear flannel shirts, and have long hair. The music was still poppy, but starting to change.


Answer by  One (83)

The music that was cool and trendy in the early 90's were genres such as Classic Rock, Soft Rock, Latin Freestyle, Old School, Hip Hop, Tejano, Disco, R&B and Pop.


Answer by  shel0212 (53)

The 90s were probably most known for teen pop and electronic dance music, and also when hip hop and alternative rock became popular. In 1991 Grunge music became a fad with the success of Nirvana.

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