Question by  bluiijess (35)

What was a nickname for Elvis?

Is there anything other than The King?


Answer by  KameshManoharan (20)

There are many nicknames for Elvis. Here are few of them: Elvis the Pelvis Alan Crazy Tiger Man Mr. Dynamite E. P. Tiger The Hillbilly Cat Big E The Father of Rock-n-Roll The Chief Memphis Flash


Answer by  popeoftheweasles (26)

Elvis had a number of other nicknames, among them "Big E", "Big El", "Elvis the Pelvis", "The Hillbilly Cat", "Alan", "The Chief", "Memphis Flash", "The Atomic Powered Singer", "The King of Rock 'n' Roll" (I know it's similar to "The King" but separate all the same! ) "Crazy" (probably referring to his dancing). Hope this helps!


Answer by  LizaK (15)

Elvis Presley had many nicknames. These included Elvis the Pelvis, The Hillbilly Cat, The King of Rock 'n' Roll, The Chief, Memphis Flash, Big El, Tiger Man, and many more.


Answer by  greebo66 (27)

He was often known as Elvis the Pelvis because of the way he swiveled his hips when he was performing. In his early television and film performances the crew were only allowed to film him from the waist up if he was gyrating as it was considered obscene by the older generation.

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