Question by  kittykitty (39)

What to do so you will never get pregnant?

I never want to become pregnant.


Answer by  hibpmgirl (2166)

If you are positive you never want to become pregnant your best choice would be to have your tubes tied. You must be sure of this choice because this is very hard to reverse if you change your mind. You can also use an IUD.


Answer by  mom (244)

Have your tubes tied. It is a surgical procedure to prevent pregnancy, however, unless you are at least 25 years of age, you cannot have it done in most states.


Answer by  HealthyU (32)

All safe sex practices have a chance for pregnancy... except one, Abstinence. It stands to reason that if you never want to get pregnant, then you should never do the one thing that is designed by nature to get you there. You could rely on other methods before or during sex, but the only 100% foolproof plan is abstinence. Sorry.


Answer by  TriniFigueroa (128)

I did not want to get pregnant during my twenties. I always took my birth control pills. I never missed one and I always took my pills at the same time. In addition to that, my partner always had to use condoms. This worked perfectly for me, for ten years.


Answer by  mimi89 (93)

If you are a male you can have a vasectomy and if you are a female you can have tubal ligation surgery.

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