Question by  deborahc (28)

What special care do Shar-Peis need?

I am thinking about getting one.


Answer by  Lottadogs (1258)

This breed often needs a specialized diet as they frequently develop food allergies. They may need extra training and socialization as pups to help them get along with other animals and people they do not know. Excess wrinkling in pups may require eye surgery calld tacking to keep the eyes from being irritated by rolled in lids.


Answer by  Cali (518)

There are five things shar peis need most to remain healthy and away from being endangered: Frequent bathing (at least weekly),daily brushing, immaculate flea control, good nutrition, and a clean environment. Ideally, a Shar-pei should be obtained from a reputable breeder who is concerned, not only with appearance and conformation but with temperament as well.


Answer by  MsVet (38)

Certain susceptibilities exist as follows: skin infections, mange, eye problems, ear odor and infections, breathing and eating difficulties, and hip dysplasia. Good dogs but not low maintenance.


Answer by  georgesmith (138)

This breed requires cleaning of the skin folds every once in a while. The especially important ones are near the face, particularly the nose. You should get a mild soap and some cotton swabs for the job. Make it fun and rewarding for the dog with treats so they will want to be cleaned.

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