Question by  Romain (18)

What snakes are there in Florida?


Answer by  arlexia (123)

The spieces of snakes in florida can consist of Boa Constrictor, Diamond back rattlesnake, red bellied mud snake, yellow bellied king snake, Rat snake, Burmese Python, brown snake, garter snake, scarlet king snake, African Rock Python, cotton mouth, earth snake, dusky pygmy rattle snake, pinsnake, queen snake, ren corn snake


Answer by  littlegee (192)

The list of the many snakes found in Florida include: the Southern Copperhead, Florida Cottonmouth, Boa Constrictor, North American Racer, Rainbow Snake, Eastern Hognose Snake, Short-tailed Sn King Snake, Scarlet King Snake, Eastern Coahwhip, Saltmarsh Snake, harelquin Coralsnake, Southern Watersnake, Banded Watersnake, Eastern Rat Snake, Red Corn Snake, and the Pinesnake.

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